AIRTOX Shoes equals safety footwear.

You deserve to feel safe and comfortable in your shoes, whether they are meant to protect your feet from dangers at work or if you’re simply looking for a pair of comfortable sneakers. The AIRTOX range combines only the very best features and groundbreaking materials in order to provide you with stylish safety AIRTOX shoes, sneakers and outdoor shoes like you’ve never experienced them before.


Work shoes do not have to be boring, heavy and outdated. Our products are for you who want stylish, waterproof, durable and comfortable shoes for work. Our program consists of a few safety shoes ranges (Formula,  Gram, G-Force, McLaren, Stingray, TransAm), sneakers and accessories like sokid ja insoles. Mõned erinevad ranges, representing different technical features and designs. All of them focus on innovation, technical specifications, lightweight materials, sporty expression and, above all, true comfort.


Our styles are equipped with the most innovative and groundbreaking technologies in safety shoes and are available in different color combinations. These technologies and designs moved our professional safety shoes into a higher level, making them one of the most innovative and modern shoes on the market. Check out our collection and find your perfect match whether it’s for work or everyday use. You will experience making your feet a favor by choosing a pair of AIRTOX safety shoes.


Familiarize yourself with all products and choose your own specific safety footwear just for you. Ensure safety of your feet while working in demanding conditions. The shoes and safety sneakers are ideal both for outdoor and indoor work. There are footwear for construction, warehouse, kitchen or airport work. They will also be good for everyday wear as sports sneakers.